Things off to a bloody good start….

Well, we have a lot to do this year, interesting things, new and old…. Along with getting the feature film SHADOW, and the short film LOVE POTION #8 out there, I have a new feature film I am writing as well… Really doing my best to get as much out there as I can right now, and a severed finger in many directions… Along with all the films, I have been requested to turn the feature SHADOW into a novel… I think this is really cool, because the story really lends itself to this, as well as many other things… I am really looking forward to playing the SHADOW video game someday, hahaaa, it’s going to be sooooooo fun!! It all starts now and here though, and THIS website and YOU are a BIG part of that… Here is where I will tell all the latest horrors and do my best to give you the opportunity to pick through THIS zombies brain for once as well… HUGE THANK YOU to Tony Turino for all his help as always, getting the site going and all!! THANK YOU also to John Carl Toth, for helping me make this site much prettier!! THANK YOU to Italia Gandolfo for pushing things and me forward in a new direction!! and last but NOT least, THANK YOU TO YOU!! Without YOU, the things I do, don’t mean a thing….

So here we gooooooooooo…………… 😉

Oh…. and GRrrrr!! 🙂

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